You can’t stop the girl | Day 50 of 50

We did it! I blogged and followed through with my commitment of 50 days to a healthier me. There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise. I was determined for my birthday to make each day my masterpiece by doing what I can control and this is just the beginning. Yes, I can stop but I don’t want to. I didn’t get this far just to get this far. Losing weight isn’t the hard part, it’s maintaining the weight that is. Even when I reach my goal weight of 145lb, I still have to go through a maintenance phase to keep my body.

Discipline is a mental muscle we need to constantly train. I want to be unstoppable to the point I can’t feel the pain. I was born to do hard things and I am never giving up. I have been knocked down several times but I always get back up.

Today I celebrated my birthday and started my day with the best booty workout. The first thing I wanted to do waking up was meditate on everything I am grateful for then workout to honor my body for another healthy year. I never want to take my health for granted because God can give and take away whenever he pleases. Being grateful is a healthy spiritual nutrient that can help you stay motivated to continue the journey of life with all enthusiasm.



Looking back over the past 50 days I realize the most important lessons can be summarized in our habits. Our habits influence our mental health and truly show how much you love yourself. To love yourself you must first know yourself. These self-love thoughts create body positivity and are developed in perfect time. Trusting the process is crucial for a long lasting journey to love yourself–a journey that needs a strong support system. We don’t have to do it alone.

The goal for this next phase is to extend my discipline and just see where it takes me. I hope to grow more in my faith as well as keep loving myself for me. I am grateful to have such a supporting community and close girl friends to keep me accountable. Anything is possible with love.

This isn’t the end…to be continue…

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