Week 7 Weigh-In | Day 49 of 50

Today is the last day I will ever be this young! I say goodbye to the old Gia and welcome the newer wiser Gia. I am ready for my birthday tomorrow aaand for my first real cheat meal in 50 Days!!!  It’s the end of my first 7 weeks body, mind and soul transformation. This is only phase 1 and I feel ready for phase 2! This next level will consist of heavier weight training using the workouts from my Fitness Guide, fewer calories, and whatever else the universe has for me along the journey. I know everything I am going through is getting me ready for the next chapters in life. I just have to continue being a good disciplined child of God.

Trusting the journey can be difficult at times. Meditation and quiet time really helped me get through some hard days during this challenge. I can’t emphasize enough that we need to be constantly caring for our mental health. The brain and mind is just as important as our body and looks. Our brain is the computer program and our choices become the settings and lifestyle. The six pillars of brain health consists of physical exercise, food & nutrition, sleep and relaxation, mental fitness (use it or lose it), healthy social interaction and the last one, mental health. Mental health includes controlling medical risks like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, head trauma, higher cholesterol, and smoking–all increase the risk of dementia.

Again, I repeat: change more than just your body.  It can start with our body, but as you grow in your fitness journey, so will the levels.  We need to constantly be leveling up and I’m proud of my level up–just check out my results!



Before 165lbs                                                 After 157lbs


I still have a ways to go, but I am proud of how far I have come. I only look back to see the growth of my journey and just thinking about what I would have been doing to celebrate my birthday 10 years ago at a local bar, drinking my brain away … SMH!  Today I am a whole new person. I am the woman I always wanted to be and still have more to grow.  I grew so much in self-love and in process. We are miracles wrapped in chemicals, friends–never forget that.



Today’s food & workout recap:

  • Breakfast: Fasted in prayer
  • Exercise: Rest Day
  • Lunch: 2pm Salmon, corn, spinach, 1 piece of bread with olive oil (1,033 cals)
  • Snack: Protein shake (380 cals)
  • Dinner: Kirkland cookie dough protein bar (190 cals)

Total food calories for today: 1,603 = (119g, 28% Carbohydrates / 81g, 43% Fat / 121g, 29% Protein)

Keep using your mind; if we don’t train our mind, we lose it, just like our curves. XOXO

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