Life unfolds perfectly for everyone | Day 47 of 50

Hey friends, I can’t believe my 50 day Love me for me challenge is almost over! It has been such an amazing growing experience. The biggest lesson I am taking from where I am now and everything that was added to my plate these last 50 days, is life unfolds perfectly for everyone. I have so much faith that Gods timing is perfect even when my thoughts want to say otherwise. The Universe is created so perfect and has an intelligence we can’t even fully understand. Like the bible says, we can’t lean on our own understanding because we are not smarter than God. All we need to do is trust our Lord with all our heart.

These last days of my challenge I have decided to do a prayers fast to support my friend I mentioned in yesterdays blog. As much as it makes me so sad about the circumstance this person is in, I can’t lose faith that it will bring good. I truly believe life unfolds perfectly for everyone. The hard part is the waiting. Waiting to see how this turns out creates feelings of anxiousness and thats why I have decided to stop focusing on food, macros, calories like I have been the last 50 days but instead focus on love, faith and hope. These three spiritual nutrients last forever! I’m feeding my spirit instead of my body to finish the challenge and keep in mind this is just phase 1.



Aaaannd look who got a new haircut?! What is it about women cutting their hair every time a significant change in their life arises? LOL Hair holds so much more energy than most of us are aware of.  I wanted to let go of the dead hair ,aka the old life, and start my new year of life with new hair. There is some kind of magic in our hair that I still don’t understand but trust what it makes me feel, I feel a whole new world.

Coco Chanel famously said, “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.”

She wasn’t kidding. It’s a way to exercise some control and an attempt to take charge. Every new birthday year brings some kind of uncertainty. The plans I had for myself at this age have been tossed in the trash and I am perfectly fine with it.  When the time of perfection comes I will see everything with perfect clarity.  I don’t have to understand, I just have to trust.  I love making goals but being flexible with the outcome is key to happiness. Patience really is a virtue. When we lose patience and get locked into the societal or cultural timelines, we suffer with anxiety, disappointment and depression. I am letting go and letting God take the wheel. I will just do my best to stay out of Gods way and let my life unfold perfectly everyday.

Today’s food & workout recap:

  • Breakfast: Fasted in prayer
  • Exercise: 50 mins cardio (walk incline 15, speed 2.5)
  • Lunch: Protein shake with fiber boost, kale & blueberries (250 cals)
  • Snack: 32 oz. Large Evergreen Juice from Robeks (305 cals)
  • Dinner: 2 protein bars (380 cals)

***Note: This is day 1 of 3 days juice and lower calorie fast

Total food calories for today: 935 = (165g, 40% Carbohydrates / 19g, 15% Fat / 69g, 25% Protein)

Trust in your life’s unfolding journey friends. The greatest war undertaken is within yourself, since you create mental anguish when life does not go according to your plan. Consider there may be a greater plan for you beyond what you believe is conceivable. XOXO


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