Nutrition 101: Better Food, Better Body

When it comes to nutrition its very important to know, Nutrition is all trial and error. In my last video on Youtube, Nutrition 101: “Better Food, Better Body”, I address a broad description of caloric intake.

When I first started shadowing Registered Dietician, Teri Tom back in 2008 I learned there is a basic formula to calculate how many calories you should start with but there is no formula to each distinct person. Being conscious of how your body responds to different foods will be the important indicator. One person might be able to consume bread and lose weight while another can’t due to genetic disposition. It obviously varies for people with Thyroid disease and other metabolic dysfunctions than for the average healthy person.

According to Registered Dietician, Teri Tom, the ratio of protein: carbohydrate: fat should be 40%: 30%: 30%. Food, timing and portion influences hormones, which influence metabolism and hypertrophy – muscle growth. Food is like our hormonal medicine. Better food, better bodies! Take it wrong and your body will feel the effect. You might feel extra hungry, moody, tired, energetic, passionate, joyful, etc.

As stated in a previous blog (The Secret to Losing Fat) you should start with eating the same amount of calories(with better food, of course) when you first decide to change your eating habits for a healthier body fat percentage but then you should reduce your caloric intake by 250-500 calories each week your body plateaus. If your body is still losing weight you can continue with the same caloric intake. I do this with all my clients. I examine their caloric intake depending on their height, weight and workout regimen to create an exact meal plan using a formula to gain muscle (consuming 1.5 grams of protein to every LB of Lean Muscle). If you’re not sure how to calculate your exact caloric intake stay tuned for this weeks Sunday Nutrition episode. Hope this helped!

Love, Gia


  1. Maricela says:

    Hi i know you have to eat every 3-4 hrs but what if your still stuffed from the precious meal and ur not hungry do you still have to eat? Thanks

    • bodybygia7 says:

      You can wait up to 5 hours but at that point a small protein and carb snack is necessary 🙂