How to be “Fit for Life” vs “Fit for Summer”

GIA FEYMost people that see me at the gym tanning in November and December look at me like I’m crazy but I choose to stay “fit for life” vs. “fit for summer”. The majority will exercise and eat healthier food during the summer and month’s prior. October and November comes and most people start slacking on the gym and eating unhealthy food because now they have excuses like “its too cold”, “holiday food just comes once a year”, “I will start again in January”, “I need to buy Christmas gifts”, etc. They start cutting expenses in gym memberships, training and nutrition. The excuses start creating bad habits that lead to weight gain/loss and weight gain/loss turns to guilt and guilt leads to more bad decisions. I know this from experiencing it during my high school and college years.

What if you tried to stay healthy all year round? With all the people I have worked with in my 10 years as a fitness coach I have seen the ones who fail are the ones that have the most excuses. The holidays should be a test for you to see just how much you care about being healthy. Someone that is genuinely trying to be fit for life will carry on with healthy habits even through the holidays. If health and fitness are important to you, you will find a way to stay in the gym and eat healthy meals, if it’s not you will find an excuse. I am not saying you can’t enjoy a holiday meal on christmas or thanksgiving but I am saying to observe your habits during these months and discover your commitment to you.

The way I stay fit for life is no secret or magic. I exercise all year round (even on vacation), eat lots of lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit and limit my sugar and starch intake, and take nutrition shakes/supplements. I’ve been asked this question by many of my clients and my answer is always the same. Will I take Herbalife for Life? Yes, I plan to keep feeling and looking good for life. I plan to take Herbalife supplements for life because I plan on being healthy for life. I invest at least 100-150 dollars on my supplements for my health per month. The results? I love my body, my nails, skin and hair shines, and I have massive amounts of energy. There is a misconception that Herbalife is specifically a weight loss program but its not. It’s actually the best maintenance program. Yes, it will help you reduce body fat (which is not a bad thing seeing as that makes your heart healthier and body more appealing) but the nutrition shakes/supplements are needed because our food resources DO NOT have sufficient nutrition to counteract all the toxins and free radicals we are exposed to in the environment and food.

So if you want to be fit for life, have more energy young and old, be bathing suit ready all year round, have less doctor expenses when your old, have healthy looking skin, hair and nails for life then I suggest you get on a sustainable fitness and nutrition program. I can help you choose a sustainable fitness and nutrition program today if you have no more excuses. If you want to feel and look healthy forever, commit yourself to a nutrition and fitness program for life and trust the journey. Contact me if you need help creating a personal “fit for life” program! What better investment can you make?

Love, Gia


  1. I really like it when folks come together and share views.

    Great blog, continue the good work!