Exercise: How much is TOO much?

DSC00534Did you know you could actually exercise too much and gain body fat? Yes, it sounds crazy but overtraining muscles can actually counteract your goal of adding more lean muscle and tone.

When we do any type of resistance training we tear microscopic tears in the muscle fibers and it takes 3-5 days for those muscle fibers to repair and recover. Working each muscle only once a week is all you need to get toned and increase the speed of your metabolism. For example, Chest, shoulders and triceps on Monday, Legs and abs on Wednesday and Back and biceps on Friday with 20-50 minutes of cardio at the end. It’s so important to rest muscle fibers so they have time to repair.

I know from experience how it can affect your weight and tone. I got carried away with spinning classes about a month ago and I ended up gaining body fat since my legs were not resting. I re-evaluated my workout program when I saw my weight fluctuate 10 lbs and my legs got softer. I was doing multiple spin classes in one day, 5 days consecutive.

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Love, Gia

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    Loving this! Can’t wait to subscribe to your channel!