7 Things to do on Thanksgiving Day to prevent weight gain:

1. Eat frequently!

I can’t emphasize this anymore but eating exactly every 3 hours on Thanksgiving day will set your metabolism to burn calories all day and it reduces insulin levels. Remember insulin is what makes your body store fat. Eating frequently will reduce insulin production therefore not allowing your body to store fat.

2. Workout at least for 30 minutes to an hour!

Cardio is great to do on this day to burn some calories before you consume them. Combining strength training and cardio is even better because then your body will burn calories while you train and for the remainder of the day.

3. Drink lots of Water

To avoid overeating at dinner drink 8oz of water before you start eating. This will fill your stomach and make you eat less.

4. Control your portions!

Enjoy your dinner and eat whatever you can fit on your plate but avoid a 2nd plate. The second plate will taste the same as the first one. Trust me!

5. Eat lots of protein with dinner!

Adding more protein to your dinner will help you feel fuller.  Protein stimulates the lining of the small intestine. The hormones released into the body from the small intestine will turn on a nerve in the body that sends a signal to your brain telling your brain that you are full.  So make sure ¼ of your plate consists of TURKEY.

6. Finish eating 3-4 hours before bed!

Eating right before bed increases your body temperature and doesn’t release the fat burning hormones while you sleep. So finish eating at least 3 hours before you lay your head down.

7.  Sleep Naked!

Yup! Sleeping naked the night of thanksgiving will help cool your body down which encourages the release of hormones that burn fat, rebuilds your skin cells, your muscle cells and bone cells. It makes your sleep a major fat burning activity.

Hope you all make some healthy choices this Thanksgiving day. Thank you for reading!

Love, Gia

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