The Secret to Losing Fat Permanently: Achieve your New Years Resolution!

If your new years resolution is to shed unwanted body fat around your stomach, thighs and arms then continue reading. The first thing people do when deciding they want to get rid of body fat is eat less, WAY LESS! People assume that if you want to lose weight you should eat less but that is actually the reason for more weight gain later.

Dropping your calories too quickly in the first few weeks will actually make you gain weight in the long run because of the affect on your metabolism. (Metabolism is the amount of calories you burn everyday whether you workout or not and is determined by the amount of lean muscle you have.) When you cut calories too low your body releases fat storing hormones that increase your appetite (which is why we binge eventually), and decreases the amount of calories you burn through your metabolism. You may lose weight by cutting calories at first but it causes you to lose muscle. Losing muscle means burning fewer calories, which makes it harder to lose fat later. 95% of people who starve themselves with quick fat loss diets gain their weight back and more. I know from my own personal experience that when I want to shed some pounds I eat more and lose fat vs. muscle.

So what do you do? Eating the same amount of calories at the beginning is actually going to help you shed fat permently and make it much easier to stick to a healthy meal plan (substituting healthy meal choices with your junk food choices, of course). This plan of action will NOT damage your metabolism. To lose fat more rapidly you need to gradually cut your calories each week.

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  1. kelli white says:

    I definitely needed that reminder…. Thank you