Birthday Behavior Week 8 Weigh-In | Day 57 of 100

Another 30 something birthday just went by.  In my 20’s I celebrated  my birthday drinking at a bar to blackout sometimes followed by a physical and moral hangover. My late night Taco Bell and drinking until 2-3am led me to weigh 200lbs at age 20. My lifestyle was so toxic. The more I learned about self-love, health, happiness, and wealth; the more I wanted to make better decisions.  Gaining a different perspective really helps with the practice of discipline. Changing the way you think is necessary to change.  I didn’t change right away but little by little I would drink less and go out less. My priorities started shifting with the help of prayer, habits and discipline.  I started choosing sleep over going out and drinking, which changed my hormones and that led to weight loss.  Alcohol makes you gain weight and eat more food than you should, not to mention takes your beautiful skin away.  I couldn’t have done it without my faith in God and in myself.

Now lets talk about my birthday behavior haha. I believe life needs balance.  I started the week with the cheat meal of my choice, which was an In n Out burger with fries and 2 glasses of wine with birthday cake. The next day I went to the mountains. I was so good in Big Bear. There was only one day I balled out of control with my snacking; however, I didn’t drink, even though all my friends were drinking.  I am turning my birthday into a lifestyle.  I have no desire to drink and destroy my body and mind. The brain is the most powerful tool we have! In addition, any amount of alcohol slows down my metabolism by 70%! It’s not worth it to me. I save that for special occasions and even then it won’t be extreme bing drinking.  I practice discipline in all scenarios—no days off of discipline!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” Aristotle



I’m so much happier and healthier because of my disciplined habits.  Every time I achieve a good decision my brain releases a reward hormone to keep me wanting to keep making good decisions. I always repeat to myself, I am still in process because that keeps me always pursuing growth and not settling where I’m at.  We can always improve. Constantly training our discipline muscle results in self-improvement. Energy is always moving and we are either moving forward or backward. Very few times God will keep us still in order to gain perspective and reflect where we’re at.



I finished the week with one more cheat meal but worth every bite. I only cheat when its worth it and this 5 star dinner was worth it.  I practiced kindness and accepted my weight may fluctuate because of the hormone changes during higher carb meals this week. The great thing is when we fall we can always get back up. Our self talk after plays a huge role here. I could put myself down and decide to give up or keep going and eventually get to my goal? Writing things down helps me get a better perspective to what the better decision is. And also seeing my measurements. Here is this weeks weigh in!



So this weeks decisiones led to a 3 lbs spike in my weight but I’m ok with that.  The plan will be to do a 16 hour intermittent fasting then enjoy a dinner with my family for Father’s Day.

There are a few ways to recover faster from an off week. As long as you don’t do it frequently you can try intermittent fasting or a metabolic shock. A metabolic shock consists of one full day of veggies and fruit followed by a full day of only protein. These type of weight loss boosts should NOT be practiced if you get dizzy or light headed. Remember every body is different and has different needs. Following my carb cycle days from my Fitness Guide is the safest way to recover from several cheat meals.

During my intermittent fasting I pray every hour I feel hungry. It’s my way to feed my soul instead of my body. Good times or hard times, prayer is my tool to find peace and strengthen faith.  The name of Jesus is powerful and just saying his name brings me peace.  I surrender daily to his will and do my best to stay out of his way. Keeping my body strong is also so Jesus can use me to serve his kingdom. There are so many people that need to see the light in themselves. We are all mirrors to each other. I’m aware I transfer light and want to keep the sparkle in my eye to help others see it in themselves as well.

This weeks workout recap:

  • Monday: Booty, legs and calves weight training workout for 1 1/2 hours
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Rested
  • Friday: Booty, legs and calves weight training workout for 1 hour + 30 mins cardio (uphill walk/stairs)
  • Saturday: 45 mins. Spinning
  • Sunday: 40 mins. Back weight training workout + 40 mins. cardio (rowing machine/elliptical)


Looking forward to another week of discipline!

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